CrossFit - revolution in the world of fitness
It’s significantly new approach to your trainings

Crossfit Banda - territory of your personal records

Lets try to understand what is CrossFit with out any throwbacks in history and super scientific expressions from Wikipedia

CrissFit it’s


what will raise your power capacity and endurance, help you to build beautiful body and aim wellness



more then 567

what can be used both by beginners and experienced athletes

rehab after traumas

CrossFit helps million of people all over the world get into shape after traumas



saving your time

Only in 60 min you can burn more than 700 calories by all your muscles


Once I try training …
Everywhere all the same

The coach just shows the gym, the simulators ... and then do what you want

In the hall there are some pitching and fitons, and I am against them like a white crow

No individuality. All the same exercises and tips. I already know everything.

In CrossFit Banda you will find another approach

Sign to the training at any time you want.

You can sign to the training at any time what is comfortable for you.

Individual approach

Every training is unique. Your coach will show your own way to power and fitness. He will find for you that exercises what are more effective. Besides you will get individual diet what will help to reach your goals.

Personal training

During personal training your coach concentrates only on you. At the begging you will pass functional test what will allow your coach to write your individual training plan.

We use only that intensity of training what you need

Our coaches create training plan on the base of your level of physical abilities. This approach help us to avoid traumas and overtraining.


Who can use crossfit?

Young people

You are at that age when you want all as many as you can. You want more energy, more drive, more emotion and feelings. CrossFit can be that instrument what can give you all of this

Adult people

Ideal chance for that people who want to get their body in good shape and be fit.

And for those who want to feel better and raise their
capacity or to recover after traumas.

Who will train me?

We have 84 well educated and experienced coaches. More than 50 of them are participant athletes who take places on national and international crossFit championships.

Choose a coach and sign up for a lesson

Ok…there are many crossFit gyms…but
why do you need choose us?


We gathered huge team of crossFit, Olympic weightlifting, gymnastic, TRX, stretching coaches and coaches for other disciplines.

Certified rooms
and modern equipment

Our network of halls is affiliated with the official organization Crossfit. Each of the halls, ranging from 500 Up to 1000 m2 equipped with modern equipment brands Rouge, Concept, Assault, TriggerPoint. AT CROSSFIT BANDA you forget about the queues to the gym and stuffy rooms.

and competitions

We regularly hold author workshops, open training sessions, tournaments and field trips. events abroad.


It’s more than training

With first trial training you will get:

  • new challenge
  • You will check for what you are reeky ready
  • One hour training with high qualified coach
  • New friends with whom you will aim to new records and and goals
  • Medicine test*
  • Individual training plan*
  • *all of this you will get if you will stay in our gym


You can try trial training in every gym of our network

Fill out the form to learn more and sign up for a practice session.